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Brindille and Twig Cuff Pants

I originally made the Brindille and Twig Ringer Tee (free pattern!) and Cuff Pants (purchased) for my friend's little boy, and the patterns came together beautifully. The sizing was spot on, and from cutting out to final stitches they were incredibly speedy projects to sew. I love the style of the Cuff Pants, and will eventually use the Ringer Tee for Daniel. But before he's out of nappies the bodysuit is king. And I am NOT faffing on making bodysuits that's for sure! Poppers, envelope neck, all that binding, no thanks!

I made Daniel's first pair of Cuff Pants from some jersey scraps that I had bought in a bundle from the Handmade Fair a few years ago. I doubled the length of the ankle cuffs so that they would grow with him (inspired by some Polarn O. Pyret trousers I bought for him in the sale) and instantly loved them. I cut the scratch mitts off a couple of plain white long sleeved bodysuits, added cuffs that coordinated with the trousers fabric and had instant adorable mummy made outfits!

I'm not such a fan of dressing my baby in black, but this John Lewis cotton jersey was left over from some maternity makes and there just wasn't quite enough of the badger fabric to make two legs from. I actually really like the way they look. I also made him a pair in some red and mustard jersey from the same bundle, they're less McDonald's uniform than they sound... I followed them up with a pair made with a gorgeous cloud print fabric.

Then...I had to stop myself from making him a pair for every day of the week! But as babies tend to do, he grew and grew, and before I knew it he needed some more! I made them longer in the leg as he's inherited my long pins. He started wearing them at 7 months, (albeit a little ruched...) and at 11 months they still fit! I am really looking forward to making the next couple of pairs. This really is a simple yet fantastic pattern. Perfect for girls too. Scroll down for a pic of my gorgeous friend Gabby's baby wearing the cuff pants I made for her.

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