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It's really important to our community that everyone can participate, that we are accessible and inclusive.


There is one disabled parking space in the hall’s small car park. 


There is a dropped curb and ramp to the main entrance of the Village Hall. The entirety of the hall is on one level. There is a disabled toilet with one push (in) door to access. (Photo to follow)


Tables and chairs are laid out for sewists when they arrive. If you are not able to put your table and chair away at the end of the day please add a note when you email to book and this will be done for you. No questions asked. (Dimensions of tables and chairs to follow)


Similarly, if you are travelling alone and are not able to bring your sewing machine, boxes, bags etc. into the hall, please also note this when you email to book and Hannah will be more than happy to discreetly help you when you arrive. Again, no questions asked.

It is just as important to us that there is not one member of our community that feels they are obliged to share their medical history in order to discover whether they will be able to participate in our sewing days. That said, there are numerous things not detailed here that you may need to know before you can book. Please do not hesitate to email for more information.

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