SewBeds Sewing Days

You're invited to sew all day with us at Felmersham Village Hall, Bedfordshire! We have a wonderful time each day we meet, with a very friendly, positive atmosphere.


The plan is always super low-key:

Arrive from 10am onwards. After that, enjoy meeting other local sewists and having a gorgeous day of guilt-free sewing! We wrap up at 4pm.

Next sewing days:

Sunday 18th September
Sunday 9th October
Sunday 13th November
Sunday 11th December

Felmersham Village Hall

Scroll down for all the information and to book your place.


- Hand sanitiser is provided at all shared points; toilets, kitchen area, ironing stations.

- Masks to be worn if that is your preference, this will no longer be an expectation.

- If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 our preference is that you complete a Lateral Flow Test within 12 hours of the sewing day.

- Swapping your place with another sewist is possible but this must be done in consultation with Hannah.

We'll provide:

Tea and coffee.

Cow’s milk.

Two irons and two ironing boards.

A chair and table per person.

A full length mirror.

Bright blue masking tape to secure electrical cables to the floor that may otherwise cause a trip hazard.

You bring:

Something to contribute to a fabric and pattern swap. (If you like. There is no obligation, of course)

Your own sewing machine(s), project(s), tools etc.

Your own lunch and snacks.

An extension lead, at least 2m but the longer the better!

Please also be prepared to help pack away the table and chair you've used when the day has finished. If you are not able to pack away your chair and table, then this will of course be done for you.

The cost for the day is £15. Please click the 'book now' button below to visit the booking and payment form.