SewBeds Sewing Days

You're invited to sew all day with us at Felmersham Village Hall, Bedfordshire! We have a wonderful time each day we meet, with a very friendly, positive atmosphere.


The plan is always super low-key:

Arrive from 10am onwards. After that, enjoy meeting other local sewists and having a gorgeous day of guilt-free sewing! We wrap up at 4pm.

2020 Sewing Days


8th February

25th April (CANCELLED)

4th July

3 October (FULLY BOOKED)

5 December

We'll provide:

Tea and coffee. (Cow’s milk for tea and coffee will be provided)

Two irons and two ironing boards.

A chair and table per person.

A full length mirror.

You bring:

Something to contribute to a fabric and pattern swap. (If you like. There is no obligation, of course)

Your own sewing machine(s), project(s), tools etc.

Your own lunch.

An extension lead.

Please be aware that we use all the tables for people to sew at, so there is nowhere to cut out projects in addition to your table. Unless of course you're happy to cut out on the floor, there is PLENTY of floorspace!


If you like:

There will be a clothing rail at the sewing day. Ever not been brave enough to try out a pattern because you're not sure it'll suit you? What if you could try on someone else's for size to see whether you like it? Why not bring some of your me mades (on a hanger, labelled with the size you made, and alterations and the pattern designer, name/number) so that others can see how well they suit them? Nobody will judge how neat your finish is, this is a way to help each other!


Making it happen:

There are 5 sewing days planned for 2020. There is a new pricing structure for 2020 so that SewBeds can be sustainable.


Pay in advance for all 5 days: £40 (£8 per day)

Pay in advance for any 4 days: £36 (£9 per day)

Pay as you go for each individual day: £10


Payment can be sent to Hannah Just via PayPal using the email address: and please make a note detailing which days you are paying for.


There are 24 places available for each sewing day, and booking priority is decided on a first-paid first-served basis. If you do not have a PayPal account, please email to arrange a BACS payment with Hannah. Not having a PayPal account should not hinder your participation! Please email only for this purpose, don't use Facebook Messenger.


By sending this payment, you accept responsibility for your own safety whilst using the equipment you have brought with you, and anything you use during the day that has been borrowed from anyone else. You also accept that this commits you to coming along and having a lovely time sewing!


If for any reason you need to cancel, please be aware that no refunds will be available. Do feel free to offer your place to another sewist, however! The Facebook group is a great place to keep in touch with everyone in the SewBeds community. 


Please let Hannah know if you’re willing to bring cake. If you have specific dietary requirements, please ensure you take care of this as the cake is provided voluntarily by attendees.


Please also be prepared to help pack away the table and chair you've used when the day has finished, wash up any crockery or cutlery you use and perhaps pick up a broom or pop a bin bag into the wheelie bin.


Also, if you're hoping to car share, please feel free to add a post to the event page on the SewBeds Facebook group and see who else lives near you.


We cannot wait to sew with you!! x x x