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Named Kielo Wrap Dress: maternity hack and tutorial

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I first discovered the Named Kielo Wrap Dress back in the Spring of 2017, and was instantly in love. The fit was easy (I just used my bust measurement, and unlike a lot of patterns it's drafted for a 5'8" woman so no alteration needed for me the maxi version!) the construction an absolute cinch (once you decide how you want to finish your neckline, armholes and back slit) and the way it made me FEEL! I'll never forget the first time I tried it on. Effortless style. The second one was constructed about 3 days later, and since I have made so many variations. Cowl neck, scoop, with sleeves, and of course the maternity hack I am explaining in this post. Such a modest yet flattering pattern. I am a huge #kielosuperfan! I get compliments every time I wear one.

So needless to say, when it came to maternity wear I was keen to see what Kielo could do for me. It was really important to me not to compromise my style when I was pregnant, and being able to sew my own clothes gave me such a lovely way to achieve that. I did of course have times I felt like a lardy whale, what pregnant woman doesn't? But on the whole I really liked the way I looked when I was pregnant, and I am sure that a good amount of that should be credited to my me made garments. I wore my plain black jersey version, (midi with sleeves) every week for work throughout pregnancy and it was an absolute Godsend. Easy to accessorise, comfortable, smart enough for school and it made me feel good. Winner.

I had read numerous blogs and Instagram posts all saying that a standard jersey Kielo could see you through from first to third trimester. I also saw Rumana's post about how she had raised the waistline on her Kielo to wrap over the top of her bump. I'm a front-wrapper, so having an empire waisted Kielo was what I wanted. I found quite quickly (within 7 weeks of pregnancy) that my woven Kielos were useless (BOOBS!!) and that my jersey ones were not going to work with a bump, as the 'wings' on mine tended to look weird and stick out when I wrapped the dresses with a standard waistline at the front.

I have shared how I have used Rumana's hack with at least three fellow pregnant sewist friends now, and another has recently asked how I did it. So here are some photos showing you on the pattern piece what I did. The idea is all Rumana's, so simple and yet a 2" tweak makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE to this magical dress.

Original Kielo front pattern piece. (This is my midi version traced for the sleeve adaptation)

Lay some pattern paper (or a greetings card paper bag...if like me you have to do things when the baby's asleep and digging out the pattern paper is just not going to happen!) underneath the original pattern piece. Finding my nice pattern weights was also not an option, which is why this happy little chap is so brightly obliging us with his smiley presence...

Measure 2" up the outer edge of the pattern piece, and mark it.

Following the curve of the original pattern piece, join up the new marked line with the original curve.

Cut out the new wedge and pin it to the existing pattern piece. Repeat for the back pattern piece and you're done!

Construct the dress as normal and enjoy wrapping up your bump in beautiful, effortless style!

Here are some of my Kielos.

1. Black stretch velvet with roses, midi with sleeves, worn at 24 weeks.

2. Green polka dot viscose, sleeveless maxi.

3. Blue and white stripe cotton jersey, sleeveless midi.

4. Purple floral viscose, sleeveless maxi.

5. Black and grey stripe viscose jersey maxi with cowl neck

6. Blue and green zig zag cotton jersey midi, 3/4 sleeves, scoop neck, maternity hack.

7. Navy and tan polka dot viscose jersey, midi with sleeves. Standard waistline worn at 17 weeks.

8. Leopard print jersey, maxi with cowl neck.

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